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1. Conceptual Design and Feasibility Study
Formulate site design and setting of your home
Engage in programming to understand your space and life-style needs
Discover and define the character and rooflines of your new home or expansion
Produce a set of preliminary including site plan, floor, roof solution and elevations


2. Construction Drawings and Permitting
Develop a set of drawings that will describe the design and document the structural materials and the mechanical and electrical components sufficiently to start the permitting process.
We will appear on your behalf in front of Planning, Architectural and Zoning Review Boards and Building Department.


3. Bidding and Contract Negotiations
We will introduce you to a number of qualified builders, contact builders with whom you are familiar and produce a detailed Bidding Document. We will review incoming bids with you, analyze them and assist you in the process of negotiating with and hiring a builder.


4. Construction Administration Services
Once construction is under way, we will assist you throughout the process, meet weekly to examine the progress, assist you with quality control review and recommend payment on contractor requisitions.


5. Interior Architecture and Material Selection
We will work with you inside your home. We can design, research and assist in selecting the interior architectural materials and furnishings, including flooring, ceiling, wall materials and layouts, plumbing and electrical fixtures, built-ins and trim.


We view our endeavor with you as an important partnership. The process of building or renovating a home is challenging. We will accompany you through each stage to ensure that your time and budgetary objectives are achieved in the most efficient manner.


With these goals in mind, we offer to customize a financial agreement that will suit your project, the flexibility:


  • Percentage of Construction Cost Fee - Determined by the scale of your project.
  • Flat Fee - For projects where the scope of work has been defined.

  • Hourly Fees - For smaller projects where the scope of work has not been defined.
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